Coming concerts in April: Piano Visions Serie

Mayumi Kamata (Japan / Sweden) & Anna Paradiso Laurin (Italy / Sweden): music for solo-clavichord, solo- harpsichord and four-hands.

Tickets at info@pianovisions.se

Sunday 15th of April at 16:00 Församlingshemmet i Flen, Orrestagatan 8, Flen

Sunday 22nd April at 16:00 Konstakademien, Fredsgatan 12, Stockholm 

Music by Johnsen, Kraus, Roman, Couperin, Royer, d’Anglebert and Mozart. 


Scholarships at Vadstena-Akademien 2018

Applications for Summer 2018 at “Vadstena-Akademien”, Sweden, are open until the 20th of February! Scholarships for young musicians are available for the baroque French opera-ballet that will be conducted by Dan Laurin, choreographed by Karin Modigh, with Anna Paradiso coaching and playing the harpsichord. First violin is Francesco D’Orazio. Baroque oboes and bassoon, lute, harpsichord, recorders and modern / baroque strings are welcome to apply. See you in Vadstena! http://www.vadstena-akademien.org/instrumental-scholarships/ 

September-December 2017: Lebanon, Rome and royal places

These past months were filled with different programs and new adventures. In September, Anna was one of the two special musician-guests, together with her husband Dan Laurin, at a closed event at the royal court of Sweden, in the presence of the king, the queen and the hereditary princess. In this occasion, she performed music of JH Roman and participated to the reception at the king’s table. She played one more time a concert at the baroque festival “Alessandro Stradella” close to Rome and she performed a solo-concert in Stockholm with French baroque music. During October-November, she performed at the harpsichord and at the organ a series of concerts across Sweden, organized by “Operabyrån”, a Swedish organization that works with baroque opera. In this case, the program contained  music written by Italian nuns between the 9th and the 17th century. In the same period, she took off for Lebanon, where she gave a very successful concert at the festival “Les Musicales de Baabdath”, sponsored by the Swedish Embassy in Beirut, with her baroque group Paradiso Musicale, and she gave master-classes at the conservatory in Bcharre and at the conservatory in Beirut. With Dan Laurin as conductor of the baroque orchestra Höör Barock, she also undertook an exciting new BIS recording, which is a premiere, containing for the first time the whole Golovin-music by JH Roman, commissioned in 1728 by the Russian ambassador in Sweden, Golovin. The Russian Embassy was also the place where Anna gave a concert the 20th of December, together with the renown Russian violinist Mikhail Symonian and his ensemble. She was also busy with the audition of more than a 100 singers from all over for next Summer “Vadstena-Academy” where she will perform in and coach for a French opera-ballet. The year ends with yet another royal place, the Royal Chapel in the royal castle of Stockholm, where the 26th of December she performs in a concert dedicated to the great Swedish composer JH Roman.                              


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15th-18th June: Drottningholm Theatre, The Alchemist’s Secret, six shows

26th June- 1st July: Båstad Chamber Musical Festival, concerts every day with different ensembles, music by Börtz, Karkoff, Roman, Tulve, Couperin, etc. Check it here: http://www.bastadkammarmusik.com/festival-2017/

2nd July: Stjärnholm Castle with Dan Laurin. Check it here: http://www.scenkonstsormland.se/musik/musik-pa-sormlandska-slott-och-herresaten/andra-arrangorers-program/dan-laurin–anna-paradiso/

5th July: Kullabygden Chamber Music Festival with Paradiso Musicale. http://musikikullabygd.se/

11th July: Rimbo kyrka, 19.00 https://www.svenskakyrkan.se/rimbo/musik/korer

12th July: Hudiksvall, Jakobs kyrka, 20.00 http://booking.visitgladahudik.se/sv/evenemanget/a1428555/musik_i_sommarkvall_i_jakobs_kyrka_1428555/detaljer

14th July: Fågelö kapell Torsö, 19.00. http://www.vastsverige.com/mariestad/e/227429/Musik-i-sommarkvallen-Fagelo-Kapell-pa-Torso

16th July: Riddarholmkyrkan, with Dan Laurin, 17.00, music by Roman and Bach

18th – 27th July: Vadstena Academy, coach and musician for a project (baroque ballet-concert) to be performed in 2018, with Dan Laurin (musical leader) and Karin Modigh (choreographer)

7th August: Östra Ryds Kyrka (Österåker)

10th – 13th August: Junior Recorder Courses at Glimåkra, accompanist and teacher, http://www.glimakrablockflojtsdagar.se/

17th and 18th August: two concerts at the Festival Internacional Santander (Spain) with Dan Laurin http://festivalsantander.com/events/dan-laurin-flauta-anna-paradiso-clave/

Gramophone UK: thumb up for the new CD!



The prestigious reviewer Gramophone UK likes the first CD that the young Swedish orchestra Höör Barock has recorded with BIS under the musical leadership of Dan Laurin, with Anna Paradiso featuring as continuo-player and soloist in sparkling Bach F-major concerto.

” … there is an infectiousness to the interpretative energy of the music-making. The rhetorical daring and overspilling ornamentation are irresistible too, and must have made those Swedish summer evenings rock. With soloist Anna Paradiso they make the finale of Bach’s F major Harpsichord Concerto, arranged from the Fourth Brandenburg and already one of its composer’s most coursingly exciting, more scintillating than ever …”

March-April 2017

27th-28th of March: recording of Vito Palumbo harpsichord concerto “Concerto Barocco” (2005) for BIS with Stenhammar Quartet and members of  Gävle Symphony Orchestra.

1st of April at 15.00: concert with recorder-player Dan Laurin in S:t Andrea kyrka, Malmö

4st of April at 18.00:’Klingande Akademie, “Stockholm Concert Hall, Grünewaldsalen, excerpts from the sonata written for the duo Laurin-Paradiso by Daniel Börtz, during an evening dedicated to the eminent Swedish composer (org. by The Royal Academy of Music, Sweden).

16th of April at 15.00: Royal Chapel, Good Friday service, with the organist of the royal court Mary Ljungquist Hén.

28th of April: concert in the Lutheran Church of Arles (France)

29th Apr.-1st of May: master classes in Hameau de St Estève (Provence); for infos:  philippelachefluteabec@gmail.com

Enthusiastic review for Roman Keyboard Sonatas vol. 2

Yet another enthusiastic review for Anna’s recording of Roman’s 12 Keyboard Sonatas vol. 2 for BIS. This time by the eminent on-line magazine musicweb-international: ‘…”… Anna Paradiso delivers splendid and imaginative performances …’. Read the whole review under “recordings”.

Yet another BIS recording in 2017

Beside the recording of Vito Palumbo’s Concerto Barocco in March 2017 for the prestigious label BIS, it has been now confirmed from BIS a second recording in the Autumn of 2017 with the orchestra Höör Barock under the direction of Dan Laurin, featuring Anna as a continuo player but also with a very interesting solo-piece for harpsichord and orchestra … Stay tuned!

Stockholm Early Music Festival Christmas Edition!

The 3rd of December, Anna and her husband recorder virtuoso Dan Laurin have been asked to join the Christmas festivity of the prestigious Stockholm Early Music Festival. A concert with Christmas fragrance in a pastoral spirit, along with Italian Bagpipe dances, makes up a refined and idyllic soundscape. The magic location is in the Old City of Stockholm, under the XVII vault under V50 Restaurant. For only 390 SEK you can attend a number of concerts, with Swedish typical Christmas drinks and pastries included! Check it all here: http://www.semf.se/series/christmas-edition-2016