Schedule July 2019

10/7: Västerleds church (Alvik) 19.30: duo with Dan Laurin (Roman, Leclaire, Murril, etc.) 
14/7 Östra Ryds church (Vaxholm) 16.00: duo with Dan Laurin (Scarlatti, Leo, Åhlström, etc.)
16/7 Sundbyberg church 19.00: duo with Dan Laurin (Roman and Naples) 
17/7 Värmdö church 19.00: duo with Dan Laurin (Åhlström, Barsanti, Scarlatti, etc.)

25/7 Chiostro del Seminario, Piazza Duomo (Lecce, Italy), Ensemble Meridies: Foliés

Concert Schedule June 2019

Tour as soloist & continuo-player with Höör Barock & Dan Laurin as musical director:

6 june at 18 Naestved Early Music Festival SydBank, Naestved, Denmark

8 june at 15 Tage Alter Musik festival in Regensburg, Germany

9 june at 20 Alte Musik Kärnten festival in Feldkirchen-Kärnten, Austria

14-16 june Höör Barockfestival

21st of June Riddarholmskyrkan, Stockholm at 15.00 Concert Duo with Dan Laurin: music by Mozart/Åhlström, Barsanti, Rameau, Murril

22nd of June: Midsummer service at Riddarholmskyrkan at 15.00

Anna is recipient of a royal scholarship

With an official ceremony on the 25th of April 2019 in the royal castle of Stockholm, Anna was awarded a scholarship for 100.000 Swedish crowns by the Swedish Royal Academy of Music and by the hand of H.M. the king of Sweden. The scholarship is part of the ’Bernadotteprogramme’, a joint program of the Swedish academies to promote and support post-doctoral research and interdisciplinary dialogue. Anna’s project deals with the connections between improvisation at the keyboard in the Neapolitan School and Italian rhetorics.

Enthusiastic review from the concert at Ingesund Music College

Grand. On Wednesday we heard an enchanting recorder and a playful harpsichord; in the Small Hall of Ingesund Music High School, the musical spirit of the baroque materialized in the shape of two globetrotting, outstanding, entertaining musicians : Dan Laurin, recorder, and Anna Paradiso Laurin, harpsichord. (…) To be honest, in order to present Johan Helmich Roman (…), promoter of an art in the later galant style and so close to the soul, one requires a kind of knowledge not so common today. In addition, it is necessary to have an artistry on stage that allows to blow life into knowledge, by bringing back accuracy to the humor, existential premises to the depth, immediateness to the optimism (…), as to give back to the time its expressions of life, playfulness, and death. Dan and Anna Paradiso Laurin knew how to do this. (…) From his travels, Roman brought home to Sweden a book by Francesco Gasparini on the art of playing thorough-bass. This book has been studied by the phenomenal harpsichordist of this evening: Anna Paradiso Laurin from Bari. She moved me profoundly with her improvisations on the bass-line, according to the practice of the time. In symbiosis with the recorder, she created extemporaneous expressions of the deepest movements of the soul resulting from the interaction between the two instruments. (…) In Leonardo Leo’s Solfeggi, the music had a power that thanks to Laurin’s artistry reached a far higher level than in its original practical goal. In the solo-piece for harpsichord, Le Vertigo by Royer, Anna Paradiso rendered a painting of a stormy opera-scene with hasty movements and supplicant glances in a unique music-work. A masterpiece! Veracini’s Sonata Sesta was fantastic both in the form and in the phrasing. (…) Dan Laurin performed, together with his harpsichordist, these musical excesses like delicacies. (…)

As last piece, the duo played three movements from Herbert Murrill ‘Sonatina’ (…) to great applause. Two international artists! (Sverker Magnusson, Arvika Nyheter, 4:e April 2019; translated from Swedish by Anna Paradiso).

Multi-programs-Laurin-Duo-tour April 2019!


15th St. John Passion Östersund, Stora kyrkan at 16.00
17th Frösö church with pastor K. Strandberg
19th Good Friday Royal chapel of the royal castle, at 15.00, with the court-pastor and court-organist 
26th Concert in Foggia (Italy) with jazz Trio X of Sweden, Auditorium Santa Chiara, at 20.00
29.-30th work-shops and master-classes Conservatorio Salerno

Great reviews on new release Golovin Music

The first complete recording of Johan Helmich Roman’s The Golovin Music for BIS is out now in March 2019! Under the musical direction of Dan Laurin, with Dan Laurin, Höör Barock and Anna at the harpsichord. ’Highly imaginative continuo playing from Anna Paradiso’ says BIS on their page. The CD has been out few days and has immediately received Klassik Heute’s Recommandation (10/10 marks all categories). Earlier on, the popular Swedish radio-program Musikrevyn gave the first 5/5 marks of the year to this CD. Ad maiora …!

Happy 2019!

The year 2019 is full of nice events! Some exciting concerts await ahead, including some jazz … ! Exciting tours with some of the best Scandinavian musicians, solo-tours, new CD-s, happy returns and new visits to some exquisite  festivals around Sweden and the world …  stay tuned for more! Right now, ON THE 18TH OF JANUARY, AT RIDDARHUSET, Anna will perform, together with an ensemble conducted by Tobias Ringborg, in an event organized by Bonnier Publishing House and the Royal Academy of Music of Sweden, in honor of the Swedish baroque composer Johan Helmich Roman, whose wonderful, rather unknown music, has been recorded and performed constantly around the world by Anna during these past years. This time, though, the focus is on a new book about him by E. Brunner. For more involvement of Anna with the Academy’s interest in Roman and for more events with the Academy, stay tuned on this page and on Anna’s page on facebook. ON THE 26TH OF JANUARY, KULTURUM, NYKÖPING, AT 5.00, Anna plays with the orchestra of Filharmoniska Sällskapet, both as continuo-player and as soloist, under the musical direction of Dan Laurin, who is also performing as soloist at the recorder: Telemann, Roman, Mozart, etc. On the 30th, travel to play in Italy in February in Bolzano … HAPPY JANUARY AND STAY TUNED!  

A Recorder Autumn ending with a solo-CD

October-November 2018 were filled for Anna with recorder virtuosos in Swedish setting. From Maestro Dan Laurin to his ex-students, brilliant Per Gross, virtuosic Kristine West. Various concerts, various venues, tours, various colleagues and orchestras: thanks for the FUN! 

23-26 November solo recording for BIS with Pietro Domenico Paradisi’s sonatas on harpsichord, clavichord (original 1794) and fortepiano (original 1802). A memorable experience this will be! 

July, August, September

July 20,23,24,26,27,29,30 Solen och Nordstjärnan, baroque-opera and ballet at Vadstena Castle. Coach and harpsichord. Cond. Dan Laurin. Dir. / choreographer Karin Modigh.

15 and 16: concerts with Per Gross (recorder) and Mime Brinkmann (cello) at Sky-space, Järna

August: 2,3,5,6,8 Solen och Nordstjärnan, baroque-opera and ballet at Vadstena Castle.

21: concert with Kristine West (recorder) and Gävle Symphony Orchestra  in Gävle church

24: concert with Kristine West (recorder) and Gävle Symphony Orchestra in Ockelbo church

September: 7.-12 Festival Stradella, Viterbo, accompanist and lecturer

11: concert with Dan Laurin (recorder) at Festival Stradella, Viterbo

28: concert with Dan Laurin (recorder)  in the cathedral of Mariestad (Kultur- och Sköderfesten)

29: concert with Dan Laurin (recorder)  in Kungsholm church (Stockholm)



Paradisi’s harpsichord sonatas with label BIS

Anna’s new solo-CD to be recorded at the end of 2018!  Sonatas by the baroque composer Pietro Domenico Paradisi, that she will perform on harpsichord and fortepiano. The recording is, once more, for the prestigious Swedish label BIS.


Happy 2019!

The year 2019 is full of nice events! Some exciting concerts await ahead, including some jazz ...

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