L’arte de la fuga (Spain) publishes a very positive review of my new solo CD (Roman Keyboard Sonatas vol. I).
You can read the full Spanish text here:


Here some excerpts I translated for you:
“Anna Paradiso … explains in the folder the principles and criteria that have guided her interpretation and we cannot avoid to recognize that she has wonderfully captured them. It is worth mentioning the care with which she carries out an authentic baroque phrasing, making of every musical gesture a world in itself, with its own timing and articulation. She uses a fantastic rubato (let’s see if others learn it!), which is essential for an adequate development of the musical speech, distinguishing each phrase, ornamenting at will and adding chords now and then … Truly a great disc, for the original repertoire and for the magistral interpretation. It is impossible to imagine a more effective reenactment of this music”