The year 2019 is full of nice events! Some exciting concerts await ahead, including some jazz … ! Exciting tours with some of the best Scandinavian musicians, solo-tours, new CD-s, happy returns and new visits to some exquisite  festivals around Sweden and the world …  stay tuned for more! Right now, ON THE 18TH OF JANUARY, AT RIDDARHUSET, Anna will perform, together with an ensemble conducted by Tobias Ringborg, in an event organized by Bonnier Publishing House and the Royal Academy of Music of Sweden, in honor of the Swedish baroque composer Johan Helmich Roman, whose wonderful, rather unknown music, has been recorded and performed constantly around the world by Anna during these past years. This time, though, the focus is on a new book about him by E. Brunner. For more involvement of Anna with the Academy’s interest in Roman and for more events with the Academy, stay tuned on this page and on Anna’s page on facebook. ON THE 26TH OF JANUARY, KULTURUM, NYKÖPING, AT 5.00, Anna plays with the orchestra of Filharmoniska Sällskapet, both as continuo-player and as soloist, under the musical direction of Dan Laurin, who is also performing as soloist at the recorder: Telemann, Roman, Mozart, etc. On the 30th, travel to play in Italy in February in Bolzano … HAPPY JANUARY AND STAY TUNED!