Jan.-March 2015: two new recordings out

In January 2014 my new solo recording has seen the light: Johan Helmich’s Roman keyboard sonatas, vol. I (vol. II is coming next Autumn), wit BIS. I perform these pieces on harpsichord and clavichord and I hope you will like this music as much as I do. Roman deserves a new chapter in the history of music!
Another CD for BIS that came out in March 2015 is Roman’s flute sonatas vol. I, with Dan Laurin and Paradiso Musicale (in this case: Mats Olofsson cello, Jonas Nordberg lute, me at the harpsichord). Also this CD is part of our effort to promote Roman as one of the most interesting composers of his time. Check out our CD-booklets to know more about his life. The recordings are available even on i-tunes.