2021 has started with some exciting news in the teaching world. First, I was honored to cover part of the position held by harpsichord teacher Mayumi Kamata at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm during Winter term 2021. This has been such a nice opportunity for me, although it came in the middle of an hectic studying period! Then a temporarily professorship in harpsichord came from the conservatory of Cagliari (Sardinia). Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, I had to give up the plan to fly there from Stockholm. As it is always the case in the Italian recruiting system, one has to sign  the contract in presence, within a couple of days. Thus I had to renounce to this beautiful job. ALAS! However, you never know what’s coming around the corner, and one shut door might mean a new open one on the next turn! 

It feels important for me to pass on my knowledge in the field of historical keyboards to the next generations! The teachers who meant a lot in my musical growth are always so present in my mind. I will never get tired to say how important it is to build solid bases on which to bild up one’s own personality and originality. Without good bases there cannot be good art. Great teachers are such a precious gift! What a blessing to pass on knowledge to other humans! What a beautiful thing! Socrates and Plato knew it already back then … And, from the point of view of a student, there is nothing bad in admitting that someone knows more than us! I agree with Maestro Socrates, after all, that “I know only one thing: that I know nothing!”. This is of course a provocative, typical Socratic statement. Inteligenti pauca. Any journey into our own way of becoming artists would benefit by thinking that ‘we know that we know nothing’. Needless to say, the Greeks had already understood one or two things about human nature!

Merry Christmas and some special thanks from Anna

Christmas is on its way even in a difficult year like this for our world. This has been a very ‘local’ year, being almost impossible to travel. More than ever I am grateful to all of those professionals ‘behind the scenes’ who have supported and helped me and other free-lancing musicians! It is in difficult times that the real nature of things and people emerge!  Hopefully, in due time, those who really are doing SOMETHING extra will be praised by every body! My fondest thoughts go to all the many big and small concert organizers in Sweden that are indeed working as much as they can for helping me and other free-lancers, with whatever means they can offer. The Swedish state, with its different institutions, has being financially supporting freelancing artists, so have done the Church of Sweden (which has made tremendous efforts to keep concerts alive whenever allowed), and all the fantastic organists who organize concerts. I deeply thank Scenkonst Sörmland and Estrad Norr. I hope your incredible commitment will be praised by many. Thanks to Musik i Kullabygden, Musik på Billingen and all those Swedish and Danish chamber-music associations that are helping in all the ways they can. It shows! Without the professional attitude of Malmö Palladium things would have gone much worse. Thanks to Christofer Ekströmer and to Baroque Academy Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra. Thanks to the scholars and the staff at the University of Uppsala for their superbly professional assistance. If I forgot someone, I beg your pardon! A big thank you also to the formidable members of two of my ensembles. Paradiso Musicale: you are truly precious friends, artists and music organizers! Thanks for giving hope in dark times. The Bright Future Ensemble: incredibly loyal and professional colleagues! I miss Estonia! To all the marvelous colleagues willing to play with me or sometime for me: thanks, You also make my life easier! Finally, thank you to all those professionals who took their time to write or say nice things about my recordings and myself!  

Merry Christmas!  

Anna in the top-list 2020 of OPUS, magazine for classical music and opera

Anna is honored and thankful to have been included by the Swedish prestigious magazine ‘OPUS’ in the top list of  this year (‘Opuslistan 2020’) that acknowledges the 20 artists, musicians, composers, administrators and people behind the scenes in the musical world who have been engaged and ‘who have given hope in the middle of a tensed coexistence with a pandemic’. See full explanation for Anna’s inclusion under RECORDINGS!  

Enthusiastic reviews for Anna’s new solo-recording

Raving international reviews  for ‘Anna Paradiso plays Paradisi’, Anna’s new solo-recording for BIS. Here some example: Gramophone (UK) includes it among its top list of recommended recordings, for reasons such as: ‘Recovering and restoring all the sonatas is the performer’s welcome gift to all us‘ and ‘Paradiso finds a world of variation in these compelling works’.  Stretto Magazine (Holland) dedicates a long article to Anna, considering her new recording ‘highly recommended‘. Among others, in the July issue of Musicweb-international Dominy Clements includes Anna’s recording among the ‘Recommended‘ and declares that ‘with this recording she reinforces her reputation as one of today’s leading keyboard players‘. Johan van Veen, on the August issue of the same magazine, states that Anna is ‘the perfect guide’ to Paradisi’s sonatas. For more great reviews such as the one from Crescendo (Belgium), Limelight (Australia) and more, please check under ‘Recordings’!

In a time with little live-music, sit back and relax in your coach with some Paradisi / Paradiso! You can purchase Anna’s recordings on https://bis.se/performers/paradiso-anna/ or on many other internet platforms.

Radio & press May-June

Interviews, Anna’s new recording & more coming up in May through radio and magazines! 
Scheduled dates:

May 17., 12.30: Radio Gwendalyn, Switzerland. 45’ interview & music (Italian). Podcast: https://www.radiogwen.ch/category/rubriche-musicali/la-luce-nascosta/

May 17., 24. and 31. (start at 9.30) : national Swedish radio P2, program ‘Söndags morgon’. For three Sundays in a row renown music journalist Per Feltzin plays Anna’s new recording

May 19.: national Swedish radio P1, Program ‘Kultur’ gives a thorough presentation of Anna’s new recording ‘Anna Paradiso plays Paradisi’. Podcast: https://sverigesradio.se/p1kultur

28th (at 9.30), Italian national radio radiotre, at ‘Primo Movimento’, plays Anna’s new recording

June 4th: “Tidig Musik”, the Swedish magazine of early music interviews Anna on her new recording. In this interview, in her last answer, she tries also to respond very shortly to the view that teachers, international musicians and even male music-leaders are all figures that might threaten the well-being of other musicians (especially when young and female, as it seems from some complaints in the press). Anna tells us way she thinks this is a dangerous way to think, as an artist, and why people who know more are not to be feared.



Grammy won at the Swedish Music Awards 2020!

On February the 6th 2020, the recording for BIS of J. H. Roman’s Golovin Music, with Dan Laurin (musical leading, instrumentation) and Höör Barock, wins the price as ‘best classical recording of the year’ at the Swedish Music Awards (Grammis)! Anna is the harpsichord player in this production.

J.S. Roman “The Golovin Music” is nominated for a Swedish Grammy

The recording for BIS (world prèmiere) of Johan Helmich Roman’s Golovin Music with Dan Laurin (conductor), Höör Barock (baroque orchestra) and with Anna Paradiso at the harpsichord has been nominated for a Swedish grammy 2020. Ideal end of a year in which this recording has drawn the enthusiastic attention of the Swedish medias and of international audiences. Ad maiora!

Ensemble & programs 2021-2022

Among the programs and the ensembles bookable with Anna for the season 2021-2022:

2020 is Beethoven’s year and Anna is celebrating it with concert on her original English fortepiano Broadwood (1802), a model Beethoven owned himself. The concert is still bookable for next year, in duo or in trio with gut-stringed violin /voice.  Guest-singers are (in order of appearance during 2020), stars such as Maria Keohane, Elin Rombo and Kristina Hammarström. Violinist is Maria Lindal, who has an international performing career. 

From 1789 until 1834 the music journal “Musikaliskt Tidsfördrif” published all sorts of ‘music hits’ from Sweden and abroad popular at the time, in various arrangements, to be played at home with friends. The acclaimed period ensemble Paradiso Musicale (defined by Gramophone as ‘Soloists with an insight to burn’) explores this fascinating and often completely unknown repertoire. 

Dan Laurin (recorders) and Anna go on touring with different programs, from baroque to contemporary music, with special care for little known Swedish and Neapolitan baroque music, such as that composed by J.H. Roman and his friend L.Leo. Defined by the international press as a ‘telepathic’ duo, Anna and Dan’s concerts are the occasion for a ‘jam-session’ à la baroque and rhetorical esprit.

The Neapolitan composer Pietro Domenico Paradisi (1707-1791) was very popular in his own time, especially thanks to his harpsichord sonatas. Anna’s recording of these pieces for BIS well be released in May 2020. Both in her CD and in live concerts she performs these jewels of fantasy and virtuosity on harpsichord, original clavichord and original fortepiano.

Brand new group and brand new program, with a rising young star, countertenor Nicolò Balducci, enthralling the audience in a musical journey around the world of the castrati and of Carlo Broschi, called FARINELLI. The concert is bookable as trio or with larger ensemble.   

Another brand new and extremely original ensemble with international Estonian, Italian and Swedish musicians, with instruments you never saw performing together before: recorder, theremin, analogic synthesizers, Estonian kanel, harpsichord … and the eminent composer Helena Tulve contributing to this baroque-contemporary program with her fascinating, idiomatic style.

Schedule August – October 2019

5./8 Work-shop on classical rhetoric and JS Bach at Istituto Laboratorio Musica Antica, San Vito al Tagliamento

11./8 soloist with orchestra and continuo at Radovljica Early Music Festival (Slovenia)

13./8 two concerts at Arild Musikdagar

15./8 Vallebarock (Falkköping) with Höörbarock

1./9 Stromsholm castle (Sweden) with Höör Barock, dir. Dan Laurin

7./9 Work-shop on classical rhetoric and JS Bach at Festival Stradella, Viterbo

18./9 concert with Dan Laurin at Gävle Castle

21./9 concert with Dan Laurin in Haga church, Gothenburg

25./9 concert with Lara St John (violin) and Norrköping Symphony Orchestra in Linköping Concert Hall

27./9 concert with Henrik Frendin (baroque viola) in Poznan

28./9 concert with Lara St John (violin) and Norrköping Symphony Orchestra in Norrköping Concert Hall

Gävleborg tour With Ensemble Meridies and ‘Folíes’

11 October 19.00
Solhuset, Ljusdal
12 October 16.00
Kulturcentrum, Musikverket, Sandviken
13 October 15.00
Hanebo församlingshem, Kilafors
15 October, 20:30,
Bari, Museo Archeologico di Santa ScolasticaMercoledi
16 October, 19:30,
Palo del Colle, Chiesa del Purgatori



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