2nd Ängelholm church at 12.00, “Voices of the Angels – a dream on Farinelli”, with Nicolò Balducci countertenor, baroque ensemble Dolci Affetti (concertmaster Maria Lindal), Dan Laurin musical director and recorder, Anna Paradiso artistic director and harpsichord.

3rd Helsingborg, St Maria kyrka, 17.15, “Voices of the Angels – a dream on Farinelli” (see below), and with actress Isabella Amirell.

8th Skinnskatteberg, Kulturhuset Korpen, 19.00, “Voices of the Angels – a dream on Farinelli” (see below)

14th Lecce (Italy), St Anna Church 20.30, Barocco Festival Leonardo Leo, ‘Four hands and one wind’, with recorder player Dan Laurin, and harpsichordists Anna Paradiso and Cosimo Prontera. Music by Solér, Telemann, Leo, and a.

16th Södertälje Kammarmusikförening, 16.00, baroque ensemble Paradiso Musicale: music by O. Åhlström, J.H. Roman, G. P. Telemann.

21th Festival “Nordmaling Baroque & Beyond”, Medieval church of Nordmaling 19.00. Dan Laurin and Anna Paradiso in concert.

23rd , Klockrike church 16.00, Dan Laurin and Anna Paradiso in concert.       


12th Birgittakyrkan, Olshammar (Askersund, Sweden), 2 concerts at 14.00 and 16.00: Medieval Music and readings from Dante’s Divine Comedy. Program: Codex Faenza for keyboard, solo-music for recorder. Anna Paradiso & Dan Laurin. Free admission. Book your place here: 

26th Gothenburg Concert Hall, at 18.00 “Love, Tears and Hate”, with Nicolò Balducci countertenor, Dan Laurin conductor, Baroque Academy Gothenburg Symphony, Anna Paradiso harpsichord, Dohyo Sol luta. Program: castrato-arias by Vivaldi, Händel, Broschi, Duni.

29th Malmö Palladium at 19.00, “Voices of the Angels – a dream on Farinelli”, with Nicolò Balducci countertenor, baroque ensemble Dolci Affetti, Dan Laurin musical director and recorder, Anna Paradiso artistic director and harpsichord, Isabella Amirell, actress.



5. Östersund, Folkets Hus, 19.00: Paradiso Musicale, ”Ett musikaliskt tidsfördrif”
6. Jämtland, 18.00, Paradiso Musicale, ”Ett musikaliskt tidsfördrif”
7. Gåxsjö church, 18.00, Paradiso Musicale
10. Duvbo church, duo with Dan Laurin, CANCELED
14. Södertälje Kammarmusik förening, Paradiso Musicale, MOVED to 20th March
1”., 11.,12., 13. school show ”Commedia del Cembalo” with Isabella Amirell


Sept.5.-9. teaching harpsichord at Conservatorio Bonporti in Trento (Italy), final exams.
Sept.9. one hour radio-program with the Belgian National Radio (French). Listen to it here:
Sept.17. solo appearance at the baroque theatre of the royal castle of Drottningholm, Sweden
Sept.18. Askersunds Landkyrka, 19.00, duo-concert with Dan Laurin (music by Merula, Pandolfi Mealli, Frescobaldi, L. Couperin, Düben, etc.)
Sept.26. cathedral of Mariestad, 16.00, duo-concert with Dan Laurin (music by Paradisi, Telemann, Roman, etc.)
Sept.30. accompanist for audition at the Royal Academy of Music of Sweden
Oct.1 teaching a seminar on improvisation at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm
Oct. 12., 13., 14., 15., 16 and 20., 21., 22., 23. turné with ‘Commedia del Cembalo’ for Scenkonst Sörmland
26., 27., 28., 29. Danish turné with recorder player Clara Guldberg Ravn and release of CD.

In a year like this, every concert is a gift!

August 20th at 19.00 Kristina kyrka, Sala. Duo with Dan Laurin: music by J.H. Roman and O. Åhlström
August 23rd at 18.00 Hjortenbergskyrkan, Nyköping. Duo with Dan Laurin: music by Telemann, Paradisi, Roman, Åhlström.
Tickets here:
29th of August Tallinn, Eesti Konsert Stage at 19.30, The Bright Future Ensemble, music by H. Tulve. Due to Covid, part of the concert will be performed via video-recording on screen.

JULY 2020

You can listen to Anna’s and Dan Laurin’s concert in Petrus Church (Stockholm) the 1st of July here:

16th of July: Kungsholms kyrka Stockholm at 19.00 live concert
22nd of July S:t Tomas church (Vällingby) at 19.00 live concert (folk Swedish music in 18th cent. arrangements)
Thank you to the Swedish Church for their support and enthusiasm in these awkward times!

Thank you to the Swedish Council of Arts (Konstnärsnämnden), Musikverket and Helge Ax:son Johnson Foundation for your very generous support to Anna Paradiso’s projects and career during this period.
Stay tuned, dear audience, because 2021 is bringing marvelous things!


Interviews, Anna’s new recording & more coming up in May through radio and magazines!
Scheduled dates:

May 17., 12.30: Radio Gwendalyn, Switzerland. 45’ interview & music (Italian). Podcast:

May 17., 24. and 31. (start at 9.30) : national Swedish radio P2, program ‘Söndags morgon’. For three Sundays in a row renown music journalist Per Feltzin plays Anna’s new recording

May 19.: national Swedish radio P1, Program ‘Kultur’ gives a thorough presentation of Anna’s new recording ‘Anna Paradiso plays Paradisi’. Podcast:

28th (at 9.30), Italian national radio radiotre, at ‘Primo Movimento’, plays Anna’s new recording

June 4th: “Tidig Musik”, the Swedish magazine of early music interviews Anna on her new recording. In this interview, in her last answer, she tries also to respond very shortly to the view that teachers, international musicians and even male music-leaders are all figures that might threaten the well-being of other musicians (especially when young and female, as it seems from some complaints in the press). Anna tells us way she thinks this is a dangerous way to think, as an artist, and why people who know more are not to be feared.


Due to the situation in the world, Anna’s concerts during Spring 2020 are under re-scheduling / changes. Stay tuned and, above all, stay strong!

March 4., 5., 6. Eskilstuna (Scenkonst Sörmland): 6 shows ‘Commedia del Cembalo’ with actress Isabella Amirell
March 21. Klokrike duo concert with Dan Laurin (recorder) CANCELLED
March 29. Tumba kyrka Händel Messiah, Bach St John Passion, etc. CANCELLED

April 1. Sundbyberg kyrka solo lunch-concert CANCELLED
April 5. Hässelby Villastad, Buxtehude: Membra Jesu Nostri CANCELLED
April 10. Östersund Stora kyrkan, Bach: St Matthew Passion CANCELLED
April 14. -19. jury at international harpsichord competition Wanda Landowska CANCELLED
April 15. Cathedral of Ruvo di Puglia, concert with Dan Laurin CANCELLED
April 22. Stockholm Bernadotte Bibliotek, private performance for the Royal Academy of Music and H. M. the king of Sweden
April 24. Askersund, Landkyrka, duo concert with Dan Laurin


February 15. at 15.00: Tumba Bruks Musiksalonger, solo-concert harpsichord and fortepiano, music by Roman, Paradisi and Beethoven
February 21. Copenhagen concert with Clara Guldberg Ravn (recorder), music by M. Raes
February 22. at 16.00, Odense cathedral, with Clara Guldberg Ravn (recorder), music by M. Raes
February 24. at 19.30 Sahlströmsgården Torsby, concert with Henrik Frendin (viola) and Håkan Olsson (viola), music by Telemann
February 26. 19.30 Sahlströmsgården Torsby , concert with Paradiso Musicale (Henrik Frendin, baroque viola and Dan Laurin, recorders), music by Åhlström, Corelli, CPE Bach and solo-music by Beethoven
February 27. at 20.00, Sahlströmsgården Torsby, concert with different musicians, JS Bach Brandenburg Concert n. 4, Vivaldi recorder concerto, and a.