The past months …

Among the highlights of Autumn 2014 there was a solo tour as soloist with Norrbotten NEO in the region of Norrbotten (Sweden). NEO is an ensemble from Sweden with an excellent reputation for performing contemporary music. We premiered Nostos, a piece written for me by Vito Palumbo and we performed some baroque hits such as Brandenburg n. 5.
I was also in Denmark with Copenhagen Soloists performing Orfeo’s Monteverdi. Some of the musicians who joined the team were from Höör Barock (Sweden), a baroque orchestra with which I am working quite a lot. I have done some concerts also as soloist with them in the past and more is about to come with them, including a recording with BIS. Dan Laurin has been heading these projects with them and will soon work with them and me again. Always fun!
I have enjoyed a lot playing with Dan in Holmens Kirke, Copenhagen, in a rather prestigious concert series superbly arranged by organist Jakob Stevns-Lorentzen. I have also immensely enjoyed my visit with Dan to Taipei, where I have been performing as soloist and teaching some talented kids. Without mentioning every detail, I can say it was all in all an incredible Autumn full of concerts, recordings, colleagues (including our group Paradiso Musicale) and travels. Thank you!